Key Stage 4 Curriculum

Welcome to the Key Stage 4  (KS4) Curriculum area.  Here you will find information about the courses on offer at Stamford Welland Academy.

The Stamford Welland KS4 Curriculum

The KS4 Curriculum is designed to challenge and develop our students in order to achieve the best they can with their qualifications. It is specifically designed to create a genuine interest in the topics they are studying and to engage the students in their learning to ensure they are inspired to achieve their best.

 A learning process designed for achievement in KS4

Our students begin their GCSE studies in Year 9, which provides time to develop breadth and depth before taking examinations in Year 11.

We operate a guided choices programme that allows students to explore creative and technical subject areas whilst developing a strong basis in the core subjects. More details of the course choices available can be found here.

You can have a look at the curriculum information for each subject by clicking on the links below.


English  –  Our pupils are introduced to the skills required for English prior to year 10 and then taught the literary texts for the exam from year 10 onwards ensuring they have developed the relevant basic skills and are then ready to apply them.  Please click here for an outline of the KS4 curriculum.


Maths – Our pupils start their GCSEs in year 9 and so follow a 3 year programme to ensue they have sufficient time to absorb and master the content before then applying the skills.  Please click here for an outline of the KS4 curriculum.


Science – All pupils are following the Combined Science courses in Years 9 and 10, with the most able then being selected and stretched to separate sciences in year 11.  Please click here for an outline of the KS4 curriculum.


Modern Foreign Languages (MFL) – Our pupils follow a  3 year GCSE course starting in year 9.  Please click here for an outline of the KS4 curriculum.


Humanities – for each of the humanities subjects our students follow a 3 year GCSE course starting in year 9.

History – Please click here for an outline of the KS4 curriculum.

Geography – Please click here for an outline of the KS4 curriculum.


Religious Studies – We have a 2 year plan that our students are currently following.  Please click here for an outline of this.


PE – Our pupils follow a core programme of PE over the course of their time at Stamford Welland Academy.  Please click here for an overview of the  KS4 curriculum.


Art – Our students start by focusing their work on previously uncovered areas before starting work that caters to their own personal interests.  Please click here for the outline of this curriculum.


Technology – Our students are able to study a number of subjects within the topic of technology.  Please click here for more information on this.


Performing Arts – We offer 2 levels of BTEC study for this subject.  Please click here for an outline of this.


Music – Our students work towards their ensemble and solo performance assessments for this curriculum. Please click here for information on this.

For any further information about the curriculum in any subject area, please contact reception and ask to speak to the subject leader or email them via the links here.

For a full list of the courses we offer this year, please click on the link below.

Examination Specifications for KS4 Courses