Da Vinci House

davinci“Learning never exhausts the mind”  – Leonardo da Vinci

Assistant Principal – Mrs Julie Nolan – jnolan@stamfordwellandacademy.org

Student Support Advisor – Mrs L.Taylor – ltaylor@stamfordwellandacademy.org

House Office Number – 01780 761030


This is what some of our students have to say about life in Da Vinci House


“Da Vinci staff are very fair when making decisions”
– Ryan Malinowski, Year 10
“Being in Da Vinci House makes us feel competitive and gives us a sense of belonging”
– Will Richards, Year 8
“Da Vinci House is a great team, and very personable”
– Jessica Tait, Year 8
“Being in Da Vinci House makes me feel safe, as I know I can go to the staff if there’s a problem and they will help me”
– Chloe Roberts, Year 9
“Da Vinci House is awesome”
– Paul Johnson, Year 8
“Good vibes and atmosphere from the Da Vinci SSAs!”
– Thomas Johnstone, Year 11