Attendance and Holidays

There are clear links between high levels of attendance and high levels of attainment. Stamford Welland Academy promotes and celebrates school attendance and expects all students to strive for 100% attendance.

If your child is absent from school please contact the House Office as soon as possible:

Austen House Office – 01780 761020 – Mrs Patricia Lillywhite

DaVinci House Office – 01780 761030 – Mrs Trudy Moody/ Mrs Lisa Taylor

Newton House Office – 01780 761040 – Mrs Karen Mason


Holidays and Authorised Exceptional Absence from School


Family holidays are no longer allowed to be taken during school term time.  Families who take their children out of school for holidays without permission may be fined.  However, there are situations where the Principal may use discretion to authorise the absence in exceptional circumstances.  If you feel that such a holiday meets these criteria, please write to or email the Principal.

Further details about government policy and advice on this matter is available here