Parallel Curriculum – Session 6/ Visits

Session 6

Stamford Welland Academy offers a wide variety of extra-curricular opportunities through a timetabled programme over the year. These encompass traditional activities such as sports, music and additional subject support, and less traditional activities such as military self-defence, RockBand and Green Team.

The academy day extends to 4.15pm for those students who wish to stay for after-school activities or additional curriculum assistance – these sessions are called Session 6s. It is expected that students will attend at least two Session 6s a week.

Every curriculum area aims to offer at least one Session 6 after school and we continue to develop other opportunities – for example, Duke of Edinburgh, World Challenge, Army Cadet Force, and Water Sports, as well as elite programmes in rugby, hockey, football, and netball across our partnership with the Trust.

Session 6s also factor crucially in ensuring our students achieve their absolute best. Tutors will recommend sessions that will be useful if a student needs additional support or clarification. Students can also drop into extra-curricular study support sessions themselves if they are feeling overwhelmed or need assistance.

Session 6s run from theMonday of the first full week of each term.  Please see below for the new Session 6 – Autumn timetable:

To support families planning participation in these activities, it should be noted that the timetable above is relevant to the whole year and will be updated in the first few days of each term to accommodate staffing changes and other amendments that need to be made.  The date indicates when the document was amended and not the term to which the schedule is relevant.  An updated version will be issued to families and updated here when amendments are made.

We would love to hear your feedback on Session 6. If you would like to help us improve on Session 6 opportunities, please complete one of the following surveys:

Parent Survey

Student Survey

Visits, trips and Charged Activities (inc Duke of Edinburgh’s Award)

Stamford Welland Academy aims to ‘extend the boundaries of learning’ and educational visits and trips are one way of allowing students to apply their learning ‘in the field’.  All visits and trips must demonstrate a contribution to the academic curriculum or allow students to fulfil an aspect of the PLEDGES programme (click here for more details).

Whilst we aim to provide as many opportunities through Session 6 and in educational visits that are at no additional cost, it is necessary to charge for some activities due to charges made to the academy that we cannot support.  Without requesting such contributions, it would not be possible to run some trips.  The academy will always do what it is able through disadvantaged and charitable funding to which it has access to ensure that all students are able to participate in visits, trips or charged activities, so that financial background is not a barrier to a wider learning experience (click here for more details of available financial support).

As part of the process of increasing extra-curricular provision, we offer the Duke of Edinburgh’s (DofE) Award at Bronze and Silver level.  This is a one-year self-development, self-reliance and personal challenge award.  This award has been running for over 60 years and is world renowned for students and young people in terms of their dedication and determination to progress personal and community based goal.

As we now hold a direct licence for delivery of these programmes and process applications, password and account set up in house, some additional costs are absorbed by the academy.  This along with training, provided on a voluntary basis by highly-qualified in-house staff and contributions that academy makes toward transport, staffing and assessor costs for the expeditions means that this upfront cost represents good value for money.  Some local schools charge over £200 for Bronze Award by bringing in trainers, coaches and passing on further expedition costs.  There are additional charges for these programmes – £50 for Bronze and £70 for Silver – including registration, administration and expedition camping fees and materials costs.

The academy prefers parents to use Parent Pay to pay deposits or the balance of the cost of visits, trips and charged activities, so that the transfer of money is more secure.  You can find out more details here or call 01780 761000 and select the ‘Finance’ option.

Where there are limited numbers for a visit, trip or charged activities, a deposit will be requested by a certain date and this should be paid through Parent Pay.  The deadline for this to be paid should allow for financial support requests or assistance from the Finance Office if necessary.

Oversubscribed trips will be allocated by ballot.  The date of the ballot will usually be on the date of the deadline for deposits.  Those that have not been successful will be informed and deposits refunded.  All other deposits are non-refundable.  If a family withdraws a students from a trip, it may not be possible to refund further payments, especially if the academy is liable to a provider for these charges.

Current visits, trips and charged activities:

Duke of Edinburgh Award 2017

Enrichment Opportunities

We believe in an all-inclusive education where every child not only develops academic skills, but self-confidence, life-skills, and leadership experiences.

In addition to the weekly enrichment programme, there is a wide -range of other whole academy community events:

  • Inter-House competitions
  • Extended curriculum days
  • Enrichment week
  • Charity events, including the annual charities morning

There are student leadership opportunities to be found throughout all aspects of academy life – from the informal leadership that is inherent in the mixed ag e tutor groups, through to the academy Student Council, and local and national representative groups.

Similarly, internationalism is promoted through the House structure with Houses linking to different continents on an annual rotation. This is also supported by a range of foreign trips and links to partner schools on other continents.

Valued Member of the Community

Stamford Welland Academy will be a valued member of the wider community and a source of immense pride.

Drawing upon the village college roots of the Trust, we firmly believe our role is to provide for all members of the community we serve. This means that we will look to open the school’s facilities to the community and seek to run community education courses.

Students will also be exposed to many opportunities in which they can help their in-school communities. They can take up a Head of House role or join the Student Council, and, in doing so, will work towards their Leadership Pledges whilst airing their views and concerns.

Establishing close links with younger pupils at nearby primary schools is also important, and we will be inviting them into Stamford Welland Academy to take part in a range of sporting, science and cultural projects. Some of the academy’s teachers will also be attending local primary schools to provide the pupils with wider opportunities in areas such as high-ability maths and English, modern languages and sport.

As part of the promise to deliver on the vision of the Free School, Stamford Welland Academy will seek, with the Department for Education’s support, to develop sixth-form provision in time for the students joining in September 2015. Drawing on the Trust’s experience of growing and setting excellent standards for post-16 learning, we believe that this total 11-19 years provision will benefit the school and Stamford communities.