‘Learning Champions’ and the ‘Able, Gifted and Talented’

What is ‘Gifted and Talented’ at SWA?

The government defines gifted and talented pupils as, ‘those children who are achieving, or who have the potential to achieve, at a level substantially beyond the rest of their year group.

How do we identify the ‘Able’ at SWA?

The students will be identified initially by their KS2 assessment results. This will be further refined by cognitive ability tests (CATs) scores, Progress in Maths (PIM) and Progress in English (PIE) tests and entrance assessments at the school. As the child moves through the school, assessments and teacher observations will form the overarching judgement on this.

The students identified as ‘Able’ will be streamed working in the SWA ‘top set.’ Following a specialised programme, the ‘Able’ students will be challenged across the curriculum areas leading to outstanding progress and achievements.

How will the ‘Able’ be supported at SWA?

Students identified as ‘Able’ will be streamed on arrival to the academy. They will follow a curriculum which will cater for their needs, one in which the students will be stretched and challenged on a daily basis, where a growth mind-set sits at the heart of the learning. The curriculum will lead to mastery across all subject areas leading to outstanding outcomes, so when leaving SWA they will have the opportunities to apply for the most ambitious courses and educational establishments in the country. From the ‘Able’ group, departments will nominate ‘Ambassadors.’ A maximum of 3 will be picked from the ‘Able’ group. The ‘Ambassadors’ will be those students who are making exceptional progress, always work to the highest of their potential and are a role model to learning for others within the group.

Who are the ‘Learning Champions’ at SWA?

The ‘Most Able’ will be identified as the top 20% of the year group based upon their academic success at KS2, initially (highest average KS2 results). The identified 20% will become the ‘Champions.’ They will follow an extended curriculum programme taking part in further activities, to develop and nurture their academic growth, so that they have a breadth of skills and understanding leading to exceptional opportunities when leaving the academy.

At Stamford Welland Academy, our ‘Champions’ will all aim to achieve a Gold PLEDGES Award by year 9, before then moving on to complete the Duke of Edinburgh Award at KS4.

Champions will also take part in the Lincolnshire Schools Challenge at the Lincoln Show Ground, completing a project for this. Last year pupils undertook a project to establish how well plants could grow in space.

They will be part of the transition process for Years 5 and 6s, helping to set up challenges, lead workshops and supporting in many aspects of the transition process, so that the next group of students aspire to be ‘Champions’ as well.

Can pupils be added / removed from the ‘Learning Champions’ register?

The ‘Able’ will be challenged through both key stages through the streaming which takes place. Those identified as ‘Able’ may change over time. We understand that some students develop later than others, so there is flexibility for some students to be added to the group. Similarly there is the possibility that students could move out of the group, if they are not coping with the demands set upon them.

The ‘Champions’ will run through all years of KS3. At times the ‘Champions’ from the different year group’s will collaborate together, sharing ideas and pushing the boundaries of their academic practice.

For students that develop later but have clearly broken into the top 20% of the year group, then they will also become a ‘Champion’ as well. There will be no movement out of the group, unless there is a parental request for this.