Delivering the Stamford Free School Vision

In June 2014, the Department for Education asked CMAT to take over the sponsorship of Stamford Queen Eleanor School from CfBT, allowing the delivery of the Stamford Free School vision to be rolled out within Stamford Welland Academy.

The campaign attracted an immense following and it was through this campaign, that we are now able to deliver the school Stamford deserves. Read more about the campaign and the impact it has had on the school here.

Please see below a summary of some of the key areas where we are planning to deliver the Stamford Free School vision. We will be reporting progress on the delivery of this vision on a fortnightly basis, so please keep coming back to us to read the latest developments on our progress.

A new school for Stamford

Although we did not receive the decision to have new buildings for our school, we are working hard to create a new school within existing buildings. There will be a new brand for the school, including a new name, logo, uniform, houses, website and social media pages.

Effective Governance

There is already a new sponsor (ie. CMAT), a new Principal and a new leadership team which have been appointed. The local governing body will be reconstituted, and supported by CMAT’s Trustees. The staff will be restructured and reallocation of roles and responsibilities will take place within the school.

Highest Teaching Standards

An outstanding Head Teacher has already been appointed to serve as a mentor and provide quality assurance to the senior leaders within the school.

Teachers will be supported to become Specialist Leaders in Education or Lead Practitioners.

Further investment will be placed in Staff Training.

Teaching Improvement Plans will be drawn up and there will be accountability and recognition for all staff.

In the future we have hopes of becoming a Teaching School and we will work towards this as part of our vision.

Highest Behavioural Standards

We will implement a behavioural standardisation programme, and provide routines to ensure consistency and high standards of behaviour.

We will place value on each of our students by introducing face to face individual tutoring across all year groups.

We have hopes in the future of working towards becoming a BEACON school for values based education.

We will introduce vertical tutoring

A school counsellor will be appointed to support our students

A Highly Academic Curriculum

The timetable will be rewritten to ensure teacher and student needs are matched.

There will be more focus on EBACC subjects (English and Maths) and triple science will be introduced

We will introduce a 3 year GCSE – starting in Year 9 to allow students to gain more depth and breadth in their subjects.

Mandarin and Latin will be introduced as additional languages.

To introduce the House System

We will have three houses, enabling individual progress to be monitored much more closely.

The house offices will be created and be the first point of contact for families.

House officers, house tutors and SSA’s (more commonly known as House Mums) will be appointed

Extended Learning through a parallel curriculum

Session 6 will be implemented, consisting of an extended day, allowing students to broaden their knowledge through a range of extra curricular activities

The PLEDGES system

The PLEDGES awards system will be rolled out and students will start working towards these with immediate effect.

An optimum learning environment

We have plans to improve the site of the school including ground works, redecoration of the interior, refurbishment of the Hall, Reception, House Offices and Outdoor Eating areas, scheduling of minor works for October to January and zoning of student recreational areas.

We have plans to rollout a new Management Information IT system to allow us to share CMAT resources and give us more efficient real time data benefits.

We plan to make our school more accessible to students by improving bus routes from local villages.

Sixth Form

We will secure support from our local MP and the DfE for a new Sixth Form, so long as the cohort is large enough to make this viable.


We will attempt to communicate on our progress with all members of the community, as well as both current and prospective parents and students through a number of different channels: website, local press, social media, emails and public meetings.

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