Examinations and Assessments

Please click on the link below for a useful summary on how, and why, GCSEs are changing:

 How and why GCSEs are changing

Exam dates 2018-2019

Please click below to view the examination dates for 2018-2019. Please noted, these may be subject to change.

Subject Revision Guides for Year 11 PPEs

Examimation Board Information

New updates for 2018-19

Other advice & guidance

No Mobile Phones Poster 2017

Review of marking – centre assessed marks 1718

Examination Policy CMAT 29 01 17

Exam contingency prodedure CMAT 29 01 17 Appendix 5

Emergency evacuation procedure CMAT 29 01 17 Appendix 6

Equality and Diversity Policy CMAT V4

Disability and examination procedure CMAT 29 01 17 Appendix 7

Non-examination assessment procedure CMAT 20 01 17 Appendix 3

Controlled assessments procedure CMAT 29 01 17 Appendix 8

Word Processor procedure CMAT 29 01 17 Appendix 4

Internal appeals procedure CMAT 29 01 17 Appendix 2

Revision Guides

Examination stress

Examination rules GCSE

What can parents and carers do to support

If there are any questions about exams – syllabus, expectations and routines – these should be directed to the relevant curriculum or subject leader whose details are listed on our staff contacts page or by contacting the main school reception.

Performance Tables

The national schools’ performance tables published by the Department for Education provide details about the academy’s examination results and allow comparisons with other schools to be made.  To access the pages about Stamford Welland Academy, please click here.

Examination Results

For information about our Examination Results including headline and progress figures and comparison by subject, please click here.