Celebrating our impressive GCSE 2015 results

Stamford Welland Academy celebrates impressive increase in student progress as the official 2015 GCSE league tables are published.

2015 GCSE Performance data has now been published and shows that Stamford Welland Academy holds a ‘Best 8 value added’ score of 1012.7, demonstrating that students of all abilities have made better progress than the national average.   This ‘value added’ score measures the progress which students have made throughout their secondary school education; comparing their level of ability at the end of Primary School to the results of their top 8 GCSE results, including English and Maths. Scores are centred around 1000, anything above 1000 shows the school’s students are making above average progress, anything below 1000 shows the school’s students are making below average progress. In 2014, Queen Eleanor School reported a Best 8 Value Added figure of 985.6, which demonstrates just how far we have come in progressing our students to their full capability.
To put this into context, other local schools’ progress results, published today were as follows: Bourne Grammar School ( 1026.7 ), The King’s School, Peterborough (1033.6), Casterton College (995.3) and The Deepings School (966.4).
The league tables also confirm that 52 per cent of students achieved the government benchmark of five or more A* to C grades including English and Maths. This represents a 17 per cent increase on Stamford Queen Eleanor School’s results in 2014.    The number of students achieving A*-C grades was also seen to rise to 62 per cent in the official league tables, after a number of GCSE papers were re-marked in 2015.

The APS ( Average Point Score ) for each school’s year group is also published. This is based on the Year 6 SATS results of the students and gives a good indication of the ability and expected GCSE outcomes. Based on our starting point, with a lower APS for the year group than our neighbouring schools, we are delighted to have made such significant improvements in both attainment and progress on the 2014 results.

Futhermore, we have also been pleased to have received official confirmation of the APS for our Year 7 year group, which is the highest the school has seen in over 7 years. This demonstrates that the school is starting to attract a more comprehensive intake, with increased numbers of higher ability students.


Principal Anthony Partington commented: “When we opened as Stamford Welland Academy in September 2014, students were making little to no progress. In just one year, we’ve seen massive improvements in our students, with them now making more than average progress in their top 8 subjects.   “We’re delighted with these results, and the progress our students are making. It’s testament to the commitment of our staff to providing the students of Stamford with the standard of education they deserve.”