‘Cheese Matters’ to our Year 11s

Our Year 11 students got their heads around the world of finance with a visit from finance education group, Cheese Matters.

The workshop centred on teaching Academy students how to handle and manage their money responsibly and avoid running into debt as they move on into higher education, or working life.

Year 11 students began in a mock court room where fictional character ‘Johnny Caerphilly’ is facing the prospect of bankruptcy. Students looked at how Johnny ended up in this situation, combining role-play, videos and team activities.

Principal, Anthony Partington said: “Handling money, credit, and understanding the financial world is new to many students, and leaving their education without this knowledge can leave them vulnerable.

“At Stamford Welland Academy we realise the importance of this, and we were happy to see that the students really engaged and benefited from the session”

Cheese Matters is a unique, innovative and collaborative community partnership between Credit card company Capital One, retail finance specialist Ikano Bank UK and international law firm Eversheds LLP. Supported by the charity Business In The Community, volunteers from the three businesses deliver the two hour cheese matters workshop to students in year 9 and above.

 View some photos from the workshop here