Delight as more families choose Stamford Welland Academy

Today is National Offer Day for Year 6 pupils and their families when, after months of waiting, they learn which secondary school place has been allocated to them. Stamford Welland Academy are delighted to report that the 2016 Year 7s will be another sizeable year group.

We are thrilled to see additional primary schools appearing on our list of feeder schools. Last year, pupils from Ketton Primary, Ryhall Primary, Great Casterton Primary and Uffington Primary joined the academy. This year we see pupils joining us from Copthill Independent School, Brooke Hill Academy and Leighfield Primary.


As we continue to get good numbers from the group of Stamford town primary schools, we were pleased to see that we also got good numbers from out of county primary schools – 25% of families with children at Wittering Primary are now choosing us as their first choice. Compared to two years ago, three times as many St.Gilbert’s families are choosing Stamford Welland Academy as first choice meaning 40% of the year group at St.Gilbert’s Primary have been offered a place at Stamford Welland Academy. This has made St. Gilbert’s Primary our biggest feeder school with the highest number of pupils coming to SWA than any other primary school. These pupils transitioning from St. Gilberts will also benefit during their transition from the shared teaching resource used between St Gilbert’s Primary School (Year 6) and Stamford Welland Academy (Year 7). This does not only ensure the pupils are well known by a member of our staff, but also that there is a familiar face at the academy for them when they start in September.


As is the case for the current Year 7 group at Stamford Welland Academy, the healthy numbers for the 2016 Year 7s means that we will be able to offer classes separated by ability for all subjects. This means that teaching can be pitched at the right level for each ability group.


Over the next two months, the Stamford Welland Academy transition team will be meeting with Year 6 teachers at all 12 of our feeder schools as well as individual Year 6 pupils to get to know each child before they begin secondary school in September. We believe it is really important to get to know each of the children individually and to ensure a relationship is built with each of them before they start in September, to enable the transition to be as smooth as possible and the children have a good familiarisation with staff and the school environment.