Local Primary School Headteachers’ Visit

We were delighted to welcome the local Lincolnshire Primary School Headteachers to Stamford Welland Academy today. After a short presentation and tour by our Principal, Mr Partington, the group ( consisting of Jonathan Teesdale from Copthill, Fran Dicker from St Gilbert’s Primary, Carol Hines from Bluecoat Primary, Fiona Griffiths from St George’s Primary, Tristan Revell from Malcolm Sargent, Helen Simms from Uffington Primary and Sue Hooley from St. Augustine’s Primary, along with Chris Beckett, Roger Moore and Louise Warren from Stamford Welland Academy) discussed how we could work together to not only share resources, but also smooth the transition from primary to secondary school for Stamford children. It was a pleasure to host the session and we plan to meet every term to ensure the communication between the schools, both primary and secondary, remains high on our agenda. We believe exciting times are ahead for Stamford’s children.