Morocco Trip (October 2016) – Places filling up fast

In October 2016, we are planning an 11 day trip to Morocco with Far Frontiers, for Years 7 – 11 students at Stamford Welland Academy. This will involve experiencing life in the desert, trekking the Atlas Mountains, negotiating the souks and bazaars of Marrakesh, living with a Berber community and building a well to provide water to their village. Places are filling up fast for this trip and in the interests of fairness, we also want to reserve places for our future Year 7s ( students who are currently in Year 6).

The baseline cost of the trip is £1450.  However, the school has started fundraising for this trip this week, so we are hoping to bring this cost down considerably.If you would like to speak to Mr Brister to find out more information on this trip,  please do not hesitate to email him directly at

For those parents of Year 6 pupils, interested in the trip ( which will take place when your child is in Year 7), please feel free to register your interest for the trip with This is by no means a commitment at this stage as we do understand that your child is still going through the application for secondary school places, but this will mean you will be invited to any update meetings.