New Session 6 activities for Primary School children unveiled

Last term we ran a successful series of Session 6 activities for Primary School children in Years 4, 5 and 6. These included Creative writing, Science experiments (and explosions!), music, dance and lots of drums! We had some wonderful feedback from parents and children on these sessions. For those children in Year 5 and 6, the prospect of secondary school can be a daunting one. We would very much like to smooth the transition to secondary school by offering 9-11 year olds, the opportunity to experience secondary school lessons in a fun, interactive environment. We are excited to announce our schedule for this term which explores further areas of our curriculum including modern languages and sport. If your child is interested in attending any of the sessions, please email with your child’s name, the session(s) they would like to be booked on, their school and year group.


Monday 12th January – TRAMPOLINING  3.45pm – 5pm – FULLY BOOKED

Tuesday 13th January – TRAMPOLINING 3.45pm – 5pm – FULLY BOOKED


Monday 19th January – ROWING 3.45pm – 5pm

Tuesday 20th January – ROWING 3.45pm – 5pm

Wednesday 27th January – ROWING 3.45pm – 5pm


Tuesday 10th March – MUSICAL ROUNDABOUT  3.45pm – 5pm

Thursday 19th March – MANDARIN MARVELS 3.45pm – 5pm

Tuesday 24th March – CODEBREAKING ESPIONAGE 3.45pm – 5pm