New Starters settling in at Induction Day

Our new Year 7 students visited the Academy last week for their induction day. The Academy is delighted that their first year group, since CMAT took over the Academy, has doubled in numbers since its previous year. The Academy has also attracted  children from a wider catchment area, with children coming from the 5 Stamford primary schools, as well as Uffington Primary, Ketton Primary, Wittering Primary, Baston Primary, Great Casterton Primary, Chuter Ede, Deepings Linchfield as well as children who have moved into the area from further afield.

P1070546Louise Warren, who has been working closely with the primary school to help transition the pupils, said, “It’s really encouraging that the numbers are so good this year when parents had to make their decision on 31st October 2014, only a month after CMAT came on board.  We are also delighted that we are welcoming pupils from more of the local primary schools than before.”

It was a real pleasure to see all the new students discover which House they were in, when they were all individually awarded their House envelope. It was amazing to see the students all start making new friends with children from other primary schools, as well as with our current students, who helped with the organisation of the day. As well as taking part in several different lessons, the new Year 7s experienced lunchtime in the Pabulum Servery and took part in a treasure hunt to help them find their way around the school building and grounds. It was lovely to see all the families join us in the afternoon and we are now looking forward to seeing all the students in their brand new uniform on September 3rd.P1070711

Haiden Williamson, from Wittering Primary told his parents, “I don’t want to go back to Wittering tomorrow, I just want to start at SWA!”