New Uniform Update


Thank you to all families who have waited patiently for us to ensure the new free uniform is delivered to all students. All current students are entitled to free uniform items ( girls will receive a blazer, blouse pack and skirt, boys will receive a blazer and House tie)

Please read the update below.

Today we handed out the first batch of free uniform items to the majority of Year 7-10 students. Many thanks to all the staff and students who have worked so hard over the last week to ensure these have been ready for collection before the end of term.

If your child did not receive all or some of their uniform today, this could be because of one of the following reasons:

1) Your child did not attend a uniform fitting session and measurements were taken at a later date by their SSA. If this is the case, their uniform items will be available in the second delivery. You will be able to collect these from the school when it is next open on GSCE Results day ( 20th August 2015).

2) Your child has not yet collected their uniform from the Library ( we still have some bags waiting in the library to be collected and students should pick their uniform up tomorrow if possible). If they are unable to collect tomorrow, you will be able to collect when the school is next open on GCSE results day (20th August 2015).

3) All Boys can now collect their House tie from the Library. Apologies we only received these at 3pm today, so it was too late to hand these out before the students went home. If your son is unable to collect his tie from the Library tomorrow, this will be available to collect when the school is next open on GCSE results day (20th August 2015)

4) A handful of students were missing an item from their bag. We do apologise for this as this was a mistake from Shotbowl’s suppliers. Each of these has been accounted for and will be available in the second delivery and able to collect on GCSE Results Day (20th August 2015)

Please note that additional items are available for purchase through, but we are limiting skirts to one per family until we are sure that every girl has received one for the start of September. We ordered the maximum available from our supplier to meet the July deadline and have already got more on order ready to come in in early September, so we will release more skirts as they become available. We do apologise for the inconvenience of this, but we are trying to be fair to all families and didn’t want to end up in a position where some girls have four skirts and some have none.

To our new Year 7s, you are able to purchase uniform from but once again the situation with the skirts does still apply ( see above ).

Details about the uniform requirements can be found here.

Any questions, please email or

Many thanks for being patient during this transition to our new uniform and we hope you like the new uniform.