Principal’s Bulletin – 14th September 2014

Please find the fortnightly bulletin from Principal, Mr. Partington


New name, new times

It seems a long time now since it was announced that Stamford Queen Eleanor School (SQES) would be transferring trust sponsor from CfBT Schools Trust to Cambridge Meridian Academies Trust (CMAT), but in the world of schools, it is but a few weeks.  In a record set up time, CMAT and I have been working to make sure that the school year gets off to a good start, that we are able to provide a good academic and impressive enrichment curriculum and plan in the necessary developments to rejuvenate the school as quickly as possible.


I am pleased to confirm that the students have made a great start to the year.  They are well-presented, eager to learn and are a credit to their families and the staff of the school that have ensured these standards over the years.


There are changes to be made at the school.  Some will be subtle and involve things that students and families do not see – a conversion of an office space to a new purpose or moving the bins to a better location – and others will be more involved and require consultation.  At the moment, some routines for students have changed, such as standardising the behaviour consequences system, and we have focused on improving information systems at school, so that we can match students with appropriate teachers and support staff to address their particular needs.  We have also rebranded the signage of the building and commissioned some painting in corridors and communal areas to lighten and improve the appearance.


We continue to maintain high standards around uniform.  There have been no changes to prior expectations.  A new uniform will come in time, but for now we remain with what we have.  Although, students will be issued with a new school badge and a tie/ prefect badge to show to which house they belong.


If and when we change the uniform, it will be after full consultation involving families and if there is a radical change there will be financial assistance for particular branded items and for sports kits, should the change occur in the year.


Make-up including nail-varnish remains not allowed for students in Years 7-9.  And as in previous years, it is to be minimal and of a natural appearance in Years 10 & 11.


Standards around smoking and mobile phones remain consistently high and Sher Alam will shortly be writing to parents to reinforce expectations in these areas.


Keeping in Touch

Although October information evenings are usually for prospective parents.  I would encourage parents to attend the Community Information Evening, where we can provide more details about developments at the school.  It will be held on Tuesday 16 September at 6-8pm.  The school Open Evening will be held on Wednesday 8 October at 5:30-8pm.  I will also be available for meetings and tours each Friday between 9-10am.  Parents should contact Suzanne Cooper at the school to book into/ onto these.


House Teams

Although SQES had houses, the importance is emphasised in CMAT schools.  Students decided on the house names in the summer and we have started to reorganise the staff into these teams, so that they provide wrap-around care and achievement guidance.  Below are the key personnel and details about each house.  We soon hope to be able to publish the direct telephone number for each house office, so that this becomes a family’s main point of contact with the school.  Each house is led by an assistant principal with support from a senior tutor and student support advisor (SSA).


Exciting new start to the year for Stamford Welland Academy in Sport

Stamford Welland Academy won its first silverware for the new school taking part in the South Kesteven Small School Championships held at West Grantham Academy. The tournament comprised five teams from across South Kesteven District.  The team combined Year 10s and 11s and did not lose a single game during the tournament and only conceded one goal. Stand out performance was the gritty 2-1 against the hosts, West Grantham Academy.  The winning team are pictured below.  They were coached by Steve Bull, our new Da Vinci House Senior Tutor.




Pledges and Parallel Curriculum

We have launched to students and staff our extending the boundaries of learning provision this week.  Students have received the enclosed timetable and will be signing up to sports and enrichment clubs, as well as intervention and study sessions next week.  These activities will help students achieve PLEDGES, our system of accrediting student achievement beyond the academic curriculum.




With best wishes


Anthony Partington