Rosie rows to victory at Stamford competition

No less than 19 students made up the Stamford Welland Academy Rowing team last night at the local indoor rowing tournament, including Stamford High School, Stamford Boys School and Bourne Academy.

Five of our students took places in the top 15 spots but star of the show was Year 7 student Rosie Turp,  who came third overall. Each year group is given certain distances which they have to complete within 2 minutes to earn Bronze, Silver or Gold Medal standard. Different year groups are given different distances appropriate to their age, which means students can compete fairly with other students of different ages. Competitors are given a percentage of how close they came to their medal and Rosie reached 94% of Gold Medal standard, rowing an impressive 461m in two minutes. This is well deserved for Rosie, a former St Gilbert’s Primary School pupil, who trains every morning with the rest of the rowing team at SWA before school starts. If  this is not dedication enough, Rosie also trains twice a week at Peterborough City rowing club.

Mr.Brister, SWA Rowing Coach, stated, ‘It’s great to see Rosie’s hard work paying off – it is very well deserved. It was remarkable to have such a large team, for what is a relatively small school. They all did very well. The students are loving the sport and can’t wait to get out on the water, at Burghley Estates, once the weather warms up. ”