Student Coaches providing support to their peers

A group of hardworking and dedicated SWA students have taken part in a scheme to help their peers get the support they need when it comes to learning. The group of ‘Learning Coaches’ spent last term in training, which took place both in and out of school. They were learning how to be a successful coach and support their fellow students, who may be experiencing difficulty or struggling with aspects of learning.

The ‘fully qualified’ Learning Coaches are now prepared to start supporting their fellow students and will take it in turns to cover a ‘drop-in room’ where fellow students can turn up and talk to one of them about any learning issues they are facing.  The students have also been asked to identify any opportunities to support their peers in lessons. This not only provides support to their fellow students who may prefer the support of a student to a member of staff, but it also has great benefits to the student coaches themselves. Not only equipping them with life skills in responsibility, confidence and leadership, but also helping them to consolidate their own knowledge.

Well done to all our coaches who have put in a tremendous amount of hard work and effort and we hope you are looking forward to helping your fellow students.

Melissa Edwards, Ola Siwik,  Alice Hannan, Ella Flatters, Kei Pasayan,  Issy Pugh,  Mark Allen,  Emily Jane Cartmell Wills,
Micha Greenwood, Katie Warren, Megan Marsh, Jaydan Latimer, Saffron Malkin,  Kayleigh Haynes,  Beth Peck,  Charlotte Mitchell,  Amelia Copeland,  Samuel Simmonds,  Kimberley Evans, Clio Jones