Students become published authors

Some of our students became published authors last week, after entering the Grim Tales competition by the national Young Writers organisation.

The Year 7, 8 and 9 students were challenged to write a mini-saga of 100 words based on the Grimm Fairy Tales genre. All our entries were submitted and we were delighted to have so many selected to be published in the regional Grim Tales collection.

Daniel Moan, Curriculum Leader in English stated, ‘This was a great opportunity for so many students to be creative and explore the use of succinct language. It’s very challenging to write a ‘tale’ in only 100 words but the students did a fantastic job.”

Mr. Partington, Principal, informed the students that being a published author meant a copy of their book would be stored in The British Library for the rest of time.


Well done to all our students who had their work published, keep your copy safe – it’ll be something to show your own children and grandchildren one day!