Students inspired by national ‘Grim Tales’ Competition

Students from Year 7 to 9 have been invited to take part in the national Young Writers’ Competition entitled ‘Grim Tales’. Students were asked to develop and showcase their technical and creative writing by composing a mini-saga in only 100 words. Their writing could be based around an existing fairy tale with a twist, or create their own dark and mysterious tale.

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The students are now waiting for the results of the national competition but in the meantime, we had our own internal competition at school. Well done to all the students who entered, there were some impressive entries.

Click on the links below to read the entries from our winners.

First Place  and Year 7 Winner –  Alice Hannan – Year 7

Second Prize and Year 8 Winner – Maggie Kirkwood – Year 8

Third Prize and Year 9 Winner – Saffron Malkin – Year 9

Year 9 Runner Up – Kalum Orme