Students nominated for awards through Teenzone’s Youth Leadership Scheme

Students from Stamford Welland Academy are patiently awaiting Christ Church’s Teenzone Awards Ceremony after being nominated for a string of awards for their participation in the Youth Leadership Scheme. Joe Corby (Year 11), Katie Warren (Year 10), Ellie Calver (Year 9), James Millar (Year 8) along with Year 7 students, Noah Allman, Nathan Naylor and Lewis Parkinson have all been elected to become Youth Leaders on the Teenzone scheme.

Now run by Ali Rigby and Emma Capewell, Stamford Teenzone was set up in 2007 by Bob Mackrill who was the priest of Christ Church at the time. Teenzone meets in the converted basement of the Church and it is still  governed by the Church PCC  with the group being one of the Church’s outreach projects – set up to support the local community. The Youth Leadership Scheme reflects exactly what Teenzone’s ethos is about – providing young people in Stamford with the platform for personal development, by forming opportunities to build leadership and teamwork skills which become integral life skills as young people grow older.

Youth Leaders have to complete an application process, including an application form and interview, before being accepted to join the Leadership scheme. The role of a youth leader is to assist in the planning and delivery of Teenzone’s youth provision. This is an extremely broad term which can include anything from peer mentoring, delivering activities, to learning and developing practical skills such as cookery or cash handling. Youth leaders have this year played an important role in helping the management team to develop the programme of activities on offer by Teenzone. Ali Rigby states, ” It was thanks to the young leaders that we are now delivering Session 6 and lunchtime drop-ins at SWA, as they helped us to realise how we can develop our existing provision.”

Ali continues, “The leaders were also tasked with raising at least £250 to go on a residential to undertake youth leadership training. With just 6 weeks to raise the money, the team worked together to identify their skills, abilities and goals. The running total so far is £420, and this meant that during half term the team were able to visit the Peak District, where they rented a cottage and completed daytime activities such as visiting Buxton and Solomon’s Temple, to core leadership exercises such as identifying strengths and weaknesses. All housework and cooking were completed by youth leaders, where different members were given the task to lead the team to achieve tasks.

This next half term sees the youth leadership scheme build upon its foundations to give young people even more opportunities to identify their own goals and ambitions. As ambassadors for our organisation, the young people will be tasked with helping to inspire and empower more young people to take part in positive activities, be the best they can be and even join the leardership team themselves!

Teenzone is extremely excited to grow the scheme, and is really humbled by the encouragement of the local community, with special thanks to SWA for their continual support.”


The annual ‘Youth Leadership Awards’ ceremony will take place on 25th November and we look forward to hearing which of our students have picked up awards for their participation.

Well done to all the students who have taken part in the scheme!


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