Water Confidence programme went ‘swimmingly’!

Well done to our students who took part in the Water Confidence Programme, run by our Parallel Curriculum Coordinator Dom Brister. Using the pool facilities provided by Stamford Endowed Schools, the group of Year 7 to 9 students have made considerable progress in their swimming skills by following the 6 week programme

Some of our students struggled with water confidence and found difficulty in getting into the pool or moving into the deep-end.

Watch the video below to hear their stories about how they have progressed, some of them even making it on to the diving boards.

Dom Brister could not be happier for the group, “Well done to each and every one of you, you all deserved your individual achievements, but I was more proud of the support you showed each other in helping your classmates to achieve such progress. A pleasure to teach you such an important life skill”