Year 7 Winners of Reading Challenge


Stamford Welland Academy are pleased to announce the winners of the Summer Reading Challenge launched over the summer holiday for our new Year 7s.

The Summer Reading Challenge was to read all the books that we will be studying in English in this academic year. This included Macbeth, Oliver Twist, Animal Farm, and Frankenstein. There was a range of different challenges from Foundation to Core to Extended. Each level of challenge required more detailed research, analysis and creativity. Some of the tasks involved researching famous writers, writing detailed summaries of the stories, analysing poems and non-fiction articles and also writing creative pieces such as poems and articles. Students then compiled all their work into a folder to submit when they arrived in September.

After their first week we were pleased that a number of students handed in their Reading Challenges to their English teachers. Then the students work was judged in terms of quality of research, analysis, creative and presentation.

Two students were selected to received 1st and 2nd Prize out of the whole of Year 7.

In first place was Haiden Williamson, who joined the Academy from Wittering Primary School and in second place was Katie Thomas, joining us from Great Casterton Primary School. Both students belong to  Da Vinci House. £15 voucher for the winner, Haiden and a £10 voucher for Katie in second place.

Haiden said he enjoyed studying ‘Animal Farm’ the most. This impressed the Principal, Mr Partington, who asked Haiden, ‘Guess what my favourite book is of all time? It’s Animal Farm!’

Katie said she enjoyed studying all the texts. ‘It has been really helpful in our English lessons after studying the work for the summer, I feel I know Macbeth really well.’

Haiden added, ‘I studied all the texts for about two to three weeks of the summer holiday and completed all the tasks on the challenge. It was hard work, but it was worth it.’

Mr Moan, Katie’s and Haiden’s English teacher added, ‘Katie and Haiden have made a great start in English and their research and hard work on the reading challenge has helped them immensely in being able to boost their level and analysis of the texts to an impressive level.’ He stated, ‘The detail of Katie and Haiden’s work was exemplary and shows they have a real bright future here at SWA and way beyond. Watch out for these two students . . . I believe they will achieve great things.’

Haiden and Katie can take a well-earned break and buy something for themselves with their voucher, although they remained tight-lipped about what they would spend them on.

Mr Partington congratulated them on their achievement, saying ‘The amount of work they have both produced is very impressive and it will clearly stand them in good stead for the rest of the year.’