Our Curriculum

Like all school that are in CMAT, Stamford Welland Academy has developed systems and capacity to ensure that ‘Every child is supported and achieves’. The key elements here are:

  • A dynamic curriculum that provides courses to meet the needs of every student;
  • High quality teaching and support through our House/Curriculum team structures;
  • Personal support for every student by their tutor;
  • Effective monitoring of student performance against challenging individual targets;
  • Robust support systems and flexible and effective intervention programmes.

The breadth of provision recognises the diversity of intake within a comprehensive school providing:

  • Champion programmes starting in year 7 based around our PLEDGES system;
  • Identification of all students’ potential and the setting of aspirational targets in all subjects to ensure they are consistently challenged at the right pace;
  • A three year GCSE programme in years 9 – 11;
  • A wide range of extra-curricular activities to both support and extend the core provision;
  • Leadership opportunities within the House teams and representing the school;
  • A range of work and career related experience within normal lessons, in special work/career-related days and outside of the school setting to prepare students for the world of work (details of the careers plan for all five year groups can be found here.)

Our curriculum structure is regularly reviewed by our leadership teams to ensure that the best programmes of study are being offered at KS3 and KS4.  Overviews have been provided by all our leaders and can be found on the KS3 and KS4 pages.  However, if you would like further details about each year group’s programme of study, please email the Assistant Principal, Hayley Twigger at  HTwigger@stamfordwellandacademy.org.

Progress and Reporting

Progress is a key focus for our students and our ability-setting structure for classes from the start of Year 7 through to Year 11 ensures that our students are able to enjoy their studying while being challenged to achieve their aspirational grades.  Our curriculum is structured to allow for movement between the sets at several points in the year.  Consequently, pupils are closely monitored throughout the year to ensure they are being taught in an appropriate pace and have sufficient challenge.

Families receive at least three progress check reports each year and these are accompanied by an achievement tutorial between tutor and student and home contact from the tutor to provide explanation and ‘next step’ information.  The format and terminology used in the reports is explained below:

Explanation of Attitude to Learning grades can be found below:

Further information about fine grades used on Year 9-11, can be viewed below:

comparison of old- and new-style GCSE grades can be found below:

Curriculum Plan

An overview of the curriculum including the number of hours that each year group has for each subject can be found here.

Year 7 curriculum

Year 7 students at Stamford Welland Academy follow a new and exciting curriculum designed to help settle students into secondary education by partially replicating the primary model. This means that they will study themes linked to the values of the school through a Humanities, Arts and Science/Technology rotation.  In total, the students will cover six themes as described on the KS3 Curriculum Page.  English, Maths and French are core subjects at KS3 and students follow a two year programme of study, as well as participating in a variety of sports in their core PE lessons.  Each week, the students have five lessons of English, Values and Ethics, five lessons of Mathematics and ICT, three lessons of French, four lessons from the Science/Technology Rotation, three lessons from the Arts Rotation, three lessons from the Humanities Rotation and two lessons of core PE.

More details can be found on the KS3 Curriculum page

Year 8 curriculum

The Year 8 students follow the same curriculum structure as the Year 7 students.  At Stamford Welland Academy students follow the KS3 curriculum for two years. This means that during Year 8, students choose, with the guidance of their form tutors and parents, their subjects for examination (GCSEs) in Year 11.

More details of the choices available can be found on the KS4 Curriculum page.

Year 9, 10 and 11 curriculum

Students begin their GCSE studies in Year 9, which provides time to develop breadth and depth before taking examinations in Year 11.   Our guided choices programme allows students to access the creative and technical subjects, such as Art, Music, Performing Arts, Engineering, Sport, Product Design, Textiles, Photography and Food Technology, alongside a curriculum that focuses on developing students’ achievements in the core subjects: English, Maths, Science, History, Geography, Modern Foreign Languages, Ethics and practical PE.  More detailed information about the KS4 choices can be found on the KS4 Curriculum page.  The structure of lessons for each year group can is outlined below.

Subject Number of lessons per week
Year Group 9  
English, Values & Ethics 5
Mathematics 5
Science 5
Option Subject 1 (French, Sport, Engineering or Photography) 2
Option Subject 2 History, Geography, Computer Science or Photography) 2
Option Subject 3 (History, Art, Health & Social Care or Music) 2
Option Subject 4 (Sport, Dance, Engineering, Hospitality, Music or Photography) 2
Core PE 2
Year Group 10  
English 4
Mathematics 4
Science 5
Option Subject 1 (History, Photography, French, Computer Science) 2.5
Option Subject 2 (History, Photography, Geography, Health & Social Care) 2.5
Option Subject 3 (French, Geography, Engineering, Dance) 2.5
Option Subject 4 (Drama, Sport, Engineering, Music, Computer Science) 2.5
Core PE 2
Year Group 11  
English 4
Mathematics 4
Science 4
Option Subject 1 (Geography or History) 2.5
Option Subject 2 (French, Photography or Sport) 2.5
Option Subject 3 (Performing Arts, Engineering, Music or Health & Social Care) 2.5
Option Subject 4 (Geography, Food or Photography) 2.5
Ethics 1
Core PE 2

The essence of Stamford Welland Academy’s curriculum is to ensure that every child achieves his or her maximum potential in the pursuit of striving for excellence across all subjects.