Our House System

The Houses provide crucial support and guidance, and the needs of every student are acknowledged and understood by their tutor and senior tutor. The system enables individual progress to be monitored much more closely and the House is the key focus of the relationship between the academy and families, with siblings joining the same House.

Stamford Welland Academy has three House groups:

  • Austen House
  • Da Vinci House
  • Newton House

The House Offices are a great base for students and parents to find the support and assistance they may need. Each House has a dedicated senior leader, senior tutor and student support advisor. There are five tutor groups per House with each comprising of approximately 15 students ranging from Year 7 to Year 11.

Vertical Tutoring

The mixed aged tutor group system is known as Vertical Tutoring. Each tutor group will have a mixture of pupils from all year groups. The Vertical Tutoring system has many benefits, fostering a family spirit where older students offer guidance and provide support to younger students. It also ensures students have a sense of the whole school picture as the younger pupils see the older ones preparing for work experience, subject choices and important examinations.

The tutors will follow the students from their first few days to their last at the academy. This allows them to easily build great relationships with students and their families and ensure they receive the support they need. Each tutor will contact a child’s family three times in the year to discuss progress and address any concerns.

An encouraging House ethos for students to strive in is developed and strengthened by healthy competition. Students will have the opportunity to compete alongside their House peers in a variety activities in order to claim victory and win the prestigious House Cup.