Parent Questions and Forum

Parents can have all sorts of questions that they would like answered or comments that they would like to feedback to the school.

At Stamford Welland Academy, parents can either:

  • obtain ‘self help’ from other parents
  • contact the school directly

If you contact the school, we aim to reply to all communications within two working days.

If you would like to make contact with other parents please:

If you have a question or query, which you would like answered by the school:

  • Please visit our staff contact page to find the email address of the relevant staff member

Austen House Office – 01780 761020

Da Vinci House Office – 01780 761030

Newton House Office – 01780 761040

Parent Observations and Suggestions

If you, as a parent or carer, have an observation, concern, comment, compliment or suggestion, please complete the form at the bottom of this page.  If you would prefer not to include your name and contact details, please complete the other boxes as fully as you can.

You can also use this form to suggest a topic for discussion at the Parent Forum Information Evenings.  The Parent Forum Steering Group will read each suggestion and consider it for further discussion or ask the relevant school leader to respond.

Alternatively, you can email –

Parent Forum

Most parents are familiar with parent teacher associations (PTA) from primary school and understand that they are largely focused on social events and fundraising.

As children move up to secondary school they become more independent and parents generally have less contact with the school and other parents.  However there are times when it is helpful to be in touch with other parents and at Stamford Welland Academy we have a ‘Parents’ Forum’, which is run by parents for parents.

The school strives to continuously improve the experience of both students and families, and values the views of parents. The Parents’ Forum is focused on improving ‘experience’ (not on social events and fundraising – although they are not banned!) and there are regular contacts and meetings between parents and staff to

  • identify and praise things that are going well
  • identify and improve things that could be better
  • hear about the school’s plans for the future and help to refine them

We encourage all parents to take part in the Parent Forum. The Parents’ Forum is only for parents of students at the school.

There is a private Facebook group for parents to get help, share experiences and identify trends (  Note: staff do not read the discussion and it is administered by other parents.

There is a small group of parents who act as a ‘Parents’ Forum Steering Group’ and meet termly with the school senior leaders and governor representatives to provide feedback.  All feedback from parents directed to this group or through social media is considered for further discussion and action.  Where appropriate, responses and answers from the school are made available via newsletters, on the questions and queries page of this website and postings by steering group members in the Facebook group.

In addition, the school hosts ‘Parents Information Evenings’ as required during the year to feedback on hot topics and present future plans. Areas of development that may be explored in future meetings include curriculum, homework, assessment, reporting, Session 6, sixth form provision, and associated IT systems.  A diary of future events can be found here.

Alternatively, if you do not use Facebook or cannot come along to a Parent Forum Information Evening, you may contact parents in the Steering Group directly by emailing or by using the form below that will send your message to the same email address.  If you would prefer not to include your name and contact details, please complete the other boxes as fully as you can.

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