Questions and Queries Feedback

Below are commonly asked questions or queries – arranged alphabetically – that have been raised through Parent Forum meetings or via social media connected to the school.

You can also email with questions that you would like to see answered on this page.  We will update this page each month though direct replies will be quicker.

HPV Vaccinations

When will these take place for Year 7?  When will we get consent letters for this?

Due to recent changes in the school nursing provision (transfer from NHS to Lincolnshire County Council and streamlining of provisions), the normal timeline of events for vaccinations at the end of Year 7 has been altered.

The current Year 7s will have their consent letters issued in September 2018 and not in this September 2017, as was previously stated.

When students are in Year 8, consent letters will be sent out by email, and post where email is not available, with reminders through the school newsletter. 


Where can my child get a locker and how much does it cost?

Students should collect a letter from the Finance Office, if they require a locker.  Lockers costs £5 for a key for the duration of the time that the student is at the academy. Replacement keys are also £5.  If you have any further question, please contact Mrs. Beever, Finance Administrator by email at or call 01780 761000 and select the ‘Finance’ option.

Lost Property

Where is lost property kept?  Where do I go or who do I contact to retrieve this?

Lost property is kept at main reception.  All items found will be taken there and students should go to reception to find out whether lost items have been handed in.  Parents may call 01780 761000 and select the ‘General Enquiries’ option.


How can I get support with ParentPay?

You can find support details on the school website here.

You can find support details on ParentPay website here.

There is a problem with my ParentPay account?

At the beginning of the year, there was a problem with ParentPay due to a number of technical issues, which have now all been resolved.

Usually problems with a ParentPay account need to be dealt with by ParentPay support, as the school does not have access to accounts.  Please log in to your account and contact ParentPay using the details under contact us.

If you feel that school could provide support or you cannot contact ParentPay for any reason, please call 01780 761000 and select the ‘Finance’ option.

Session 6

Where can I find more information about Session 6s?

Details of Session 6 can be found here.

Session 6s are co-ordinated by Mr Simon Isaac, Leader of PE.  Please contact with any queries about Session 6.

Show My Homework

How can I get support with Show My Homework?

Show My Homework is co-ordinated by Mrs Julie Nolan, Assistant Principal.  Please contact with any queries about Show My Homework.

Trips, Visits and Charged Activities

Where can I find out more details about a trip/ visits/ charged activity (including Duke of Edinburgh’s Award)?

General information about these activities can be found here (including details about payment, financial support and over-subscription process and refunds).

If you have any financial question about trips, visits and charged activities, please contact Mrs. Beever, Finance Administrator by email at or call 01780 761000 and select the ‘Finance’ option.

Trips and visits are co-ordinated by Mr Dominic Brister, Parallel Curriculum Leader.  Please contact with any query or question about visits, trips or charged activities that is not answered in these other areas.