School Opening Information – Severe Weather

SCHOOL OPEN- Monday 4 March 2018

Dear Families   School will OPEN as normal on Monday 4 March.   Thank you for your support during this difficult period.  The decision to close the school is never taken lightly and is only done after careful consideration, in liaison with other schools and colleges and under the advice of the local authority and the emergency services.   We hope that you were able to enjoy the unseasonable weather and that all will be returning safely to school tomorrow.   We will focus our efforts over the next few days on making up for lost learning experiences.    The Year 11 mock examinations that have been delayed will be rescheduled for this week and at present the plan for this is as follows: Monday AM – 1 English Literature 2:15 Monday PM – Geography 1:30 Tuesday AM – 2 English Literature 1:45 Tuesday PM – Chemistry 1:15 Wednesday AM – 2 English Language 1:45 Wednesday PM – 2 Maths 1:30 Thursday AM – History 1:45, H&S, Textiles 0:45, Performing Arts Thursday PM – Physics 1:15 Friday AM – Resistant Materials 0:45, Food, French (Listening) Friday PM – 3 Maths 1:30   AM exams begin at 9am; PM exams at 1pm Numbers refer to length of exam in hours and minutes   Please be careful on any remaining ice.  Stay safe!

Yours sincerely

Anthony Partington


General information about severe weather procedures

School Closures

We always plan to be open as normal, but will review the situation regularly.

Confirmation will be given at 7am each morning.

Decisions to close will be based on getting students and staff safely to  and from school, clearing the site and being able to staff lessons.  Many staff live considerable distances from the school (e.g. Cambridge, Sleaford, Leicester) and many on rural roads, which mean that localised conditions may have an impact, even if the situation is fine is Stamford.

In the event that we have to close the school, notification of the closure will be found in the following places.

The School
FacebookStamford Welland Academy
RadiosRutland Radio (107.2 and 97.4FM); BBC Lincs FM (102.2 FM)

If there is no message on the website we will be open as normal.

Decisions about Session 6s (after-school clubs) and evening events will be made at 1pm.

Delayed Start to Lessons

If there is snow on the ground or it is snowing, we may delay the start of lessons to 9.30am to allow for safe travel of students and staff to school and for clearance of the site.

A notification of a delayed start will also be added to the Website, Facebook, Twitter and sent via Parentmail.

The building will be open as normal from 7:30am and staff will be available to supervise students until lessons begin.


Unless otherwise notified, please assume that buses will be operating as normal.  We will check with the bus companies, but it is their decision to operate.  If a child cannot make it to school due to a bus cancellation, this is an acceptable reason for absence.

Parental Decision

Any decision to maintain the school’s opening is based on the weather at the school and the ability to clear the site and staff the school teaching day.

Due to the localised nature of such weather, if a parent believes that it is not safe for a child to travel to school and/ or has difficulty with supporting students travel to school due to the poor weather, the school will accept their decision as reason not to attend school.  Please notify school in the same way as for a normal absence.

We thank you in advance for your understanding in dealing with the weather.