Learning and Teaching

The purpose driving Stamford Welland Academy will be to provide high-quality learning for all so that:

Every member of our community is known, valued and supported to achieve in all areas at the highest level to become successful, confident and responsible for the pursuit of lifelong learning.

Influenced by the ‘village college’ model devised by Henry Morris in Cambridgeshire schools, it is hoped that the Academy is a hub of ‘lifelong learning’, where students and staff demonstrate a relentless focus on learning.  To facilitate this, the Academy has devised a model for learning and teaching that it calls the Stamford Welland Way.  The SW Way focuses on five aspects of learning:

These five areas form the basis for each lesson, feedback on work to students, training and professional learning for teachers and teaching assistants.  They are the areas also in which the academy observes it staff and measures the quality of teaching against the criteria outlined here.

This common language around learning allows us to frame our discussions, innovations and practice and work toward our ‘pursuit of lifelong learning’.

The Academy has also agreed the following protocols to ensure high-standards in learning and teaching that embody the SW Way focuses:

SWA Student Presentation Protocol

SWA Marking Protocol

SWA Homework Protocol