Wishing our students Zhù nǐ hǎo yùn!

With our recent addition to the Year 7 curriculum of Mandarin Chinese, Amy Tan, our Mandarin teacher has been delighted to report some real linguistic talent emerging from our students.

It is with great pride that after only 10 weeks of learning Mandarin, a group of our students have been selected to take part in the British Council’s Mandarin Speaking Competition, with the first heat taking place on 4th December 2015.

Xander Cooke (Year 7) has been selected as our individual competitor and has to deliver a two minute presentation in Mandarin Chinese, as well as answer questions related to his topic.

Alice Hannan (Year 8), Jess Holmes (Year 7), Lydia Dunn(Year 7), Mia Barlow(Year 7), Taylor Gilbert(Year 7) and Erinn Greenwood(Year 7) will be entered for the group competition where they will perform a song in Mandarin Chinese.

We wish all our students, ‘Zhù nǐ hǎo yùn’ in their preparations and we will let you know how they all get on next week!